DataCamp Review 2023: Are its Courses Worth it? (TRUTH)

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Are you searching for a learning platform that caters to all your needs? Landed up on the DataCamp, and am curious about how the platform is.  Want a detailed review to dig up on what the DataCamp offers you? 

No worries, we got your back. This unbiased Datacamp review will cover all the aspects of the platform and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the features offered. 

While trying all the online learning platforms available, we got our hands on DataCamp, which helps anyone master data science and data analytics.  Also, we talked with the learners who have used DataCamp and jotted down their reviews.

Datacamp is a platform for learners aspiring to advance their careers in analytics and level up their data science and analysis skills.

  • Free trial: No
  • Free version: Yes
  • Starting From: $25.00
  • Pricing Model: Per User
  • - "Tutorials and courses of very interesting topics. In my case is coding and you can choose your favorite."
  • - "I was very lucky to learn about DataCamp, it help me to get a new level of knowledge with very practical exercises."
  • - "My overall experience with DataCamp is very good and I enjoy learning through it."
  • - "The price is a bit high. Other than that, I don't really have anything else I dislike about DataCamp."
  • - "I can't really find anything that hurts my experience."
  • - "The hints, they are most of the time, awful. Actually its frustrating, learning something new, being given hints which simply put - do not help at all."

DataCamp Review: In a Nutshell

DataCamp provides a free, easy learning opportunity to every enthusiastic learner who doesn’t have to install any application to learn. The platform has more than 10 million global students studying to date and in more than 150 countries it has helped youngsters grow.

DataCamp Review - Overview

Datacamp offers in-demand courses like machine learning, marketing analytics, data visualization, applied finance, and much more. These skilled courses may help you land a job at Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, or any other top company.

How Does DataCamp Work?

To start learning from DataCamp, you will need to create an account. You can either buy a subscription or create a free account to get started with the free courses. If you choose the free version, then you will get access to all the free courses along with the first free lesson of all the major courses. If you buy a premium subscription to DataCamp, then you will get access to all the available courses of DataCamp.

In the premium version, you can choose between career tracks and skills tracks. In career tracks, you will start with data science courses in any language you want. In skills tracks, you can choose to focus on any particular skill, and you will get started with its dedicated courses. All the courses contain text materials, video lessons, and exercises.

Working On The Datacamp Platform

Data camp makes learning basic concepts fun by providing small easy-to-do tasks. Also, it gives the “Exp” points on every completed job. You will also be provided with the hints option when required.

Moreover, you will be guided with the correct answer on submitting the wrong answer.

Let us take a look at an example of a basic python.

We started with the basic python course to provide you with the details. The class started with a basic introduction to the python language and a short video describing the code basics.

DataCamp Review - Python Course

This is the interface that appears when you are assigned a task. You can type your code and answer the task provided. You can run the code by using the Run Code button.

After Running the code the output appears in the python shell. The hints will be provided on the left of the screen. You will have to spend some exp to get the hint. If you get the output without any errors, submit the answer using the Submit Answer button.

DataCamp Review - Submit Answer

The answer submitted with errors will provide you with suggestions and point out the mistakes that you have made.

DataCamp Review - Data Error

After going through Datacamp and understanding the platform here is a short key takeaway. If you are in a hurry or somewhere on the go, you can check out our quick overview of Datacamp.

Rating 4.4/5
Price $25/month (paid annually)
Standout Features Small and engaging content assessments and Hands-on project
Who is it best for? Aspiring Data scientists and Analysts.

DataCamp: Overview

DataCamp is an online learning platform that provides courses specialized in data science and analytics. The platform was brought into the limelight in 2013. Besides, it offers a variety of courses tailor-made according to the needs of the learners.

DataCamp Review - Data Skill

The courses offered are to the point and engaging for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. You will find classes with a small duration and with interactive content. The courses track your growth and have flexible deadlines.

As you proceed with the article, you will explore all the features of DataCamp in detail.

DataCamp Key Features: Explained!

DataCamp follows its learning methodology that consists of assessing, learning, practicing, and applying.

DataCamp Review - Features
  • The courses track your progress and test your skills.
  • You will be provided with a quick daily challenge every day.
  • You must apply your coding skills to solve real-world problems on your browser.
  • The courses are built to engage the students in a fun interactive learning process.
  • Hands-on projects along with learning and coding simultaneously.
  • You won’t require any extra installations; the code can be run from your browser.
  • You can take an assessment and get to know your data skill level for free using the website’s assessment section.
DataCamp Review - Website Assessment

DataCamps Courses

DataCamp provides courses on technologies such as Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Excel, Power BI, Scala, shell, Oracle, git, etc. Top-notch instructors with their expertise in the field of technologies will guide and train you towards improving your knowledge in the related fields.

Besides, you will find courses to progress in your career as a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Programmer, Data analyst, Statistician, etc. These courses will lead to career advancements.

When it comes to upgrading skills, you can find courses on SQL fundamentals, Data Literacy, Machine Learning, Statistics, Marketing Analytics, NLP, Applied Finance, Data Visualization, etc. Excelling in the skills you are interested in is undoubtedly a plus point and great from your career perspective. You can consider the courses from DataCamp to level up in your career game.

DataCamps Free Courses

DataCamp provides free access to the first chapter of all the courses. Besides, you can access some of the free courses on the platform (presently, six free courses are available).

Moreover, you can upgrade your membership later to complete the free course certifications. Also, you will get free access to a professional profile and job board.

DataCamps Professional Certification Programs

DataCamp has recently upgraded some of its courses to the professional certification program. These courses are created in partnership with the industry leaders to prepare the students who are industry-ready.

DataCamp Review - Professional Certificate

The platform offers the certifications such as Data Scientist and Data Analyst as professional certification programs. They include live projects, hands-on experience in coding, and various assessments to check your growth in the skills learned.

DataCamp for Business

Datacamp has worked with 2500+ companies like Google, Microsoft, eBay, Uber, etc., to upskill their employees and provide them with training.

Datacamp For Business
  • Datacamp offers expert-led technical and non-technical courses for businesses.
  • Provides real-world coding projects
  • Interactive assessment for learners
  • Access to cloud IDE that helps the team build, code, and collaborate.
  • Helps in upskilling your company.

DataCamp helps to polish competitive data science and analytics skills for employees.

DataCamp for the Classroom

If you are an expert in data science and want to help the students, you can try Datacamp as an educator. DataCamp provides free access to educators.

To become an educator at DataCamp, you must apply for free access. Once granted permission, you can create assignments and tests for your students and track their progress.

Datacamp For Classroom

DataCamp claims to have helped more than half a million students and teachers to build their data science and analytics for free. The teachers and students were from around 180 countries. 

Datacamp Countries

DataCamp Workspace

Datacamp workspace is a cloud-based platform that will help you to collaborate with your team, analyze data and share insights. The workspace allows you to work with data analytics and put the theoretical knowledge into use.

Moreover, you will be performing practical work and getting better at coding. You will also be provided with the datasets if you don’t have enough.

The privacy of the Notebooks is excellently taken care of by the platform, so you don’t need to worry about third-party access.

DataCamp: Pricing

Datacamp is an affordable platform with various plans for individuals, teams, businesses, and enterprises.

You can pay Annually and save some cents or pay monthly according to your requirements.

Let’s look at different plans offered by Datacamp.

1. Learning Plans. 

The first section includes plans for learning and exploring the courses provided by the platform.

Plan Annual Price Monthly Price
Basic Free Free
Premium $25/month $39/month
Teams $25/month
Enterprise N/A N/A


2. Workspace plan 

The second section is dedicated to the workspace plans. Depending on your chosen plan, the platform provides access to the workspace and different features. The pricing is as follows:

Datacamp- Workspace Plan
Plan Annual Price Monthly Price
Basic Free Free
Premium $8.25/month $9/month
Teams $8.25/month
Enterprise N/A N/A

How to Create a DataCamp Account? 

To create a DataCamp account, you can follow the steps below:

Datacamp Data Skill Online
  1.  Open Datacamp’s official website
  2. You will find the ‘Create your Free account‘ dialogue box on the website.

3.  You can create your account using Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook, or email.

Once your profile is created, you will be taken to the ‘My progress’ page. Now, you can begin exploring courses, assessments, and trackers.

DataCamp Pros 

  • It provides you with interactive learning video lectures and engaging tasks to complete.
  • The lecturers are experts in data science and analysis fields.
  • You can take advantage of a free plan that gives access to initial classes of the courses and assessments.
  • The platform provides you with a transparent pricing plan and its benefits.
  • The courses are catered according to the needs of beginners, intermediates, and experts.
  • You will find career trackers and skill trackers on the platform to track your progress and the path you are heading towards

DataCamp Cons

  • It does not provide a verified certificate of completion; instead, a statement of accomplishment is given once the course is completed.
  • Due to the short video lectures, some of them may lack details and contain incomplete information.
  • Does not have any peer-graded assignments or projects.

Who Should Use DataCamp?

If you are unsure about DataCamp, let’s see if it suits you and your career requirements.

The courses available on the platform are mainly for data science enthusiasts and people aspiring to become data analysts and data scientists.

The platform will help you understand the foundations of data science and big data. The platform is suitable if you are from computer science, Computer Engineering and majoring in programming and data science.

Above all, DataCamp is the solution for you if you are trying to learn new technology and work on improving your skills. It will help your resume stand out from the rest and excel in life with a better career.

Final Thoughts: DataCamp Review (2023) 

DataCamp is a platform for data science and data analysis enthusiasts. It provides a great environment for learning coding and data analysis with the help of interactive video lectures, assignments, assessments, and in-built coding IDE.

Whether a student, professional, teacher, or business owner, Datacamp will add tremendous value to your life and skills. The platform perfectly caters to all the needs of the learners and the team.

What are you waiting for? Start a free trial of the DataCamp and judge the learning and the environment with your experience.

FAQs On DataCamp Review

Is DataCamp really good?

Yes. It will cater to your needs even if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner.

Are DataCamp certificates worth it?

Yes, DataCamp certificates are needed for better career advancement. The platform provides a fun and interactive way to master the foundations and learn advanced-level coding skills. Most importantly you will learn by practicing and getting hands-on experience.

Can you add DataCamp on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can add the DataCamps certificates on LinkedIn, which improves the chance of landing a better job opportunity. You can share it under certification or license.

Is DataCamp enough to get a job?

No, DataCamp is not enough to get a job. You will require to get a degree in the field you want to pursue your career. Datacamp is a platform that will help you to level up your skills and lay a strong foundation with the basics.

Is DataCamp good for beginners?

Yes, Data Camp helps you to work and get strong with your basics by providing hands-on learning experience with coding. You will surely be able to get good with your programming basics and language concepts.